I am but secondary

Why would you ever leave me to my own devices?



This is my public service announcement: Please take care of your eyes. Nobody should go through what I went through at the doc’s this afternoon.

To lance the stye is a simple procedure. But because the bugger was on the inside of my swollen eyelid, the doctor and nurse had a hard time flipping up my lid. I am unable describe the immense pain from the countless times they tried, until the nurse decided to just hold my eye open. All this, while I was sobbing from fright and pain.

The doctor said I lost a few eyelashes in the process but because I was a pirate for a good part of the day (eye patch), it didn’t quite register until I decided to remove the old dressing. 我的天啊 I have a bald patch on my eyelid! On second thought I wonder if the pain was from the swell or from losing my lashes…

I’m due for a followup visit tomorrow. Please start to heal nicely.

Because the world goes on with or without you

Fat lid

Yup my left eyelid is just fat and swollen! I’m put on two days medical leave due to an eye infection. Suppose its some rogue eye makeup after one of them late nights.. Plus being under the weather the last couple of days didn’t help too. Unnerving (still is) when the doctor said I should monitor for fever and additional swelling.

Reckon my body is probably showing signs that I should rest, and rest it is! Make-up & nail polish free days for now. 🙂

Crossing over the the fruity side

4, I’m waiting for you.

Meanwhile the boy can be the iPhone widower whenever I’m around.

Don’t you just love the colours?

The grass is always greener on the other side.

Some say it’s the bullshit (fertilizer). Here, it is bullshit (nonsense).

People use the first line to make you feel better.

The grass looks greener, because, IT IS!


A short bedtime read: Saponification. 深(chim), beautiful sadness I say.

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To make it all better

Work was.. Brutal. I had lunch all planned on my return – grab, go and join the taxi queue.

Courtesy. Well-played.

Marched straight up to Starbucks. Potato salad. Grande vanilla latte. To go, please. I guess I could never go wrong with that order. Then I saw Dad’s sms. Otw to airport, it said. 🙂

Telly, Facebook. More telly.. 3 WEEKS TO HOLS!

My “Date”

I think..

Deep down I still want to watch, contentedly, from the sidelines & just marvel, knowing I was a part of it all.

The countdown begins.


Awful, awful, boring wait for my flight later. There’s nothing on the telly during the weekends!

Dad’s dropping me off at the airport so yay, no public commuting! 🙂 In the meanwhile I’ll try to delight myself in the fact that Mia’s on my flight & that in less than 9 hours I’m off….. 🙂