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Thanks for the fish

Sometime back not too long ago I was just wondering where the “1-year itch” was and might have congratulated myself too early. The itch in relation, of course, to work.

Yes, just as I find myself a bit more comfortable.. Someone just has to ruffle things up a bit.

Well buddy, you picked the wrong girl.



The year is coming to a close, how fast 2010 has flown by!

For my last post for this year, I am not getting any inspiration from the K-pop groups performing on KBS World.. Haha so much for white noise. 😛

I just want to give thanks to God for the grace & patience, drawing us ever closer to Him.. Even though it has taken some time. 24 years in fact, for me. There is no due date, no expiry. 🙂

How do I portray or describe this warmth and contentment I am feeling now? *happy sigh*

A promising 2011.. Cheers to that, and rejoice in the Lord always. Have a Absolutely Smashin’ & Wonderful New Year! 🙂

Je te raconterais ce rêve


I wouldn’t say I’m stuck in a rut. Maybe lost, in a limbo of dreams.

You know, like watching a finale but not quite sure characters ended up there because you missed a number of episodes. I mean, I kinda see where life’s gonna take me.. But between now and there, shouldn’t there be something more?

Life is starting to get *gasp* routine. I mean routine’s great, but not when I’m 24. I’m supposed to be having the time of my life!


Sofa Kentang

Or couch potato. Or me.

Wasn’t activated today and in fact, taken off flight tomorrow and placed on standby (again!) until 2359 on Friday. Including Sunday, means possibly a total of 3 1/2 days of waiting at home. We all dislike standbys. You don’t know what time that call will come. You can’t sleep well. You carry your mobile phone everywhere. Imagine 3 1/2 days of that. It sucks. Not to mention it totally wrecked my plans for Friday. BUT, I just had a good thought about it too. Now I have the time to sort the nitty-gritty of our trip.. And I probably been asking for the time to do these things! He listens. 🙂

I might develop DVT. So, tomorrow, my running shoes will see morning light.

Unless it rains.

September’s flying by

So much to do, where do I start?

Appointments, people to meet, birthdays, travel arrangements (!), etc.. Happy problems, actually. Baby, I can’t wait! 🙂


Yes, what more sucky than feeling unwell on your off day. Ah well.. The paracetamol seems to have kicked in nicely. And just in case, I’ll still be avoiding dairy for the rest of today.

Sick again

Probably caught the bug from that cute little boy on Friday. He had this sad look, sniffling and just wanted to stay in his daddy’s arm.

Much better than last night, but the flu medicine is so effective it scares me.

Was quite amused when nurse at the dispensary said that the doc had prescribed additional effervescent Vit C for me. ” … take this in the morning, helps build up your immune system…” Like a hint hint, cos you’re were here for this the last time too!

I think the problem is not being prescribed antibiotics. What say you?

Call me when you get this

So I’m back

Amassed something like 551 photographs on just my camera only, which I’ve yet to sieve through. Soon, hopefully..

We picked a really hot day to go to Disneyland. I got a tan that day. I mean, who gets a tan in Disneyland?! We later found out it was one of the hottest days in HKG history, a mad 37 degrees Celsius. -_-”’

In retrospect, the holiday was not as enjoyable due to a cumulation of factors. To a rather big extent, perhaps the aloofness & unwelcoming vibe of the population (at least the majority of those we met).. And yes, I found that speaking English granted me better service at times. It’s quite sad.

I’d still go back, for the lovely steamed milk. Yums.