So I’m back

Amassed something like 551 photographs on just my camera only, which I’ve yet to sieve through. Soon, hopefully..

We picked a really hot day to go to Disneyland. I got a tan that day. I mean, who gets a tan in Disneyland?! We later found out it was one of the hottest days in HKG history, a mad 37 degrees Celsius. -_-”’

In retrospect, the holiday was not as enjoyable due to a cumulation of factors. To a rather big extent, perhaps the aloofness & unwelcoming vibe of the population (at least the majority of those we met).. And yes, I found that speaking English granted me better service at times. It’s quite sad.

I’d still go back, for the lovely steamed milk. Yums.


One response to “So I’m back

  • Fawn

    They seem aloof, a strongly assertive group. Anyway, hope you did went victoria harbour and those night views and the Peak. Did you did you. =) Catch you in August if not my birthday.

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