This is my public service announcement: Please take care of your eyes. Nobody should go through what I went through at the doc’s this afternoon.

To lance the stye is a simple procedure. But because the bugger was on the inside of my swollen eyelid, the doctor and nurse had a hard time flipping up my lid. I am unable describe the immense pain from the countless times they tried, until the nurse decided to just hold my eye open. All this, while I was sobbing from fright and pain.

The doctor said I lost a few eyelashes in the process but because I was a pirate for a good part of the day (eye patch), it didn’t quite register until I decided to remove the old dressing. 我的天啊 I have a bald patch on my eyelid! On second thought I wonder if the pain was from the swell or from losing my lashes…

I’m due for a followup visit tomorrow. Please start to heal nicely.


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