I heart Google.

The siblings and I share this long-standing joke from a scene of a movie we only remember, well, through the scene. No title, no cast identified, not even year we watched it. Heck, we even have warped impressions of where we watched it. Hotel room, back home in Singapore and I still insist, it was one of those in-coach videos.

Anyway my vague impression of the movie (& scene of the joke): two medieval chaps in the modern world, one discovers the lamp, and the ‘power’ to switch from day to night in an instant.

“Day! Night! Day! Night!”


Right. You won’t get it. You really have to watch it to understand.

I don’t know why we took so long, but we finally Googled. Behold the power. Because in less than 15 tries, my search ran up a list of titles on Amazon, which I double-checked on imdb.com and finally confirmed via Youtube. Which is why I give blank stares to some people.

Now where do we rent this?


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