A Beautiful Mess

As most of Singapore trick-or-treats into Halloween town in this post-rain coolness, I sit alone, cross-legged, in the middle of my living room. I’ve exhausted my tune collection in the last 3 hours and Jason Mraz sounds awfully melancholic in this last tune. Yes it’s such A Beautiful Mess. I have been so full of random thoughts this evening.

Like how I was quite happy to realise I dreamt in colour a couple of weeks back. Or has 23 years of my life really gone by? Thoughts of people who have left really deep impressions on me and not really knowing where they are. (Gosh I miss them!) And how I really look forward to the future?

Random. But overall, happy thoughts. =)

I hear the rain again. Well, as long as I’m not out =) I guess I really ought to go to bed now. Early morning tomorrow ;P


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