I thought the week flew by!

Darn the 8 o’clock traffic on a rainy morning. By 8.15am I’m usually near Newton. The same time this morning my bus was still crawling on the stretch of Thomson Road opposite the nurseries.

8.40am when I finally hit Far East Plaza and hopped onto a cab, muttering my destination.

“Going to work?” He could sense my slight anxiety.

“Yes, Uncle.”

“Traffic’s terrible today.”

… (10 min journey)

“I’ll pay by NETS, Uncle.”

“Okay approved, need a receipt?”

My reflex answer of “Yes, please.” was met 2 seconds later by “Actually, I don’t need one..” and promptly bounced off the cab.

Shucks. Had to buy coffee for someone and half-clopped up the escalator.. Amazed how the queue is so much longer 5 minutes before 9? DON’T THESE PEOPLE NEED TO WORK? Then again, what am I doing there? -_-

Right, coffee. 10 seconds into the queue and I realised a couple is jamming the kopi queue with goodness knows probably 5 kopis, 4 kopi Cs, 2 tehs, 3 teh Cs, 1 milo pengs or something. Terrible, these people. 15 cups-to-go for the department is not gonna get you anywhere. Except maybe a Miss Congeniality $20 shopping voucher during D&D.

Anyway I managed to slip in just after 9 but the record is gonna show… Hor hor hor. Sigh. But if I was awfully late this morning, so was the class. =D

Oh boy did I have an encounter with a GROSSLY ill-mannered woman this evening.. but that’s another story for another day.


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