Random: Commute.

City Hall.

As that Caucasian walked thru the train doors, my eyes fell on that robin egg blue paper bag. Which female wouldn’t?

Hmm, slightly crumpled. And what’s this? A diary & brochures? Cannot be using it as a carrier.. Ooh. I caught sight of a smaller folded bag inside. And a box. Somewhere tonight, someone’s gonna light up with a big smile. Oh there’s another box. Three! Situations go thru my head.  No watch. No wedding band. Though well-dressed, his clothes were worn. Naturally faded jeans. Still, decent moccasins.

Orchard Road.

As he alights, my attention turned to a well dressed couple. Her branded bag first, actually. The smooth red inner lining of her checkered leather accessory. Black dress, black shoes. Then I notice the subtle details. Belt to match the bag, then hints of gold from her hoop earrings, zippers on her bag and insoles of her shoes.


Young couple boards the train. Boy, boring. Next. The girl with lovely wavy hair, stands beside the lady and continues texting. I like her highlights. Maybe in 15 years time she’d be like the lady beside her.

Toa Payoh.

All the ‘interesting’ people seem to have alighted. My feet are killing me. I look down at my inspired monochrome flats from Charles & Keith. Scuffed and dirty from some other event. But I’m glad I chose to wear these  today!


Have you ever wondered about the stranger next to you on your daily commute?

A random thought while staring down at the cars & cranes from a 49th floor lounge in the CBD..


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