Its the bloody weekend! And I’m free. FREE I tell ya! *skips & dances*

Nope, priority is me, myself and Elena.. Since I’ve got a very long to-do list.

Starting with my bedroom, which is such in a completely sorry state since the only time I spend in the room is when I concuss. But no, tomorrow I shall devote 2 hours to just cleaning and sorting anything and everything.

Speaking of which if I were to divide my typical day into hours.. 8 hours of sleep. 9 hours of work. 2.5 hours of commuting. 2 hours of mealtimes (which may overlap into work hours, but heck)… which leaves me a grand total personal time of 1.5 hours which I cannot locate.

WHAT HAPPEN-DED? Where is my 1.5 hour?!


Time check: 1.45am. Amazing how much paperwork I can clear in the serenity of the night. No phone calls, no interruptions, nothing..!


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