Ehh.. I’m in a mish-mashed rojak pot of feelings. Apparently I might be high on work. Not. Perhaps its the work week that was supposed to have ended 2 weeks ago.

Last week’s incident was food for thought, I didn’t think #2 would come so fast. Probably the first time I let someone rant her head off on the other end of the line without a single retort. Ms Tan cautioned me like what, only 2 weeks back? I should get used to it huh. I won’t say it hasn’t affected me. Of course it did. Challenges baby, challenges! Pfft.

ANYWWWWAYYY.. I’ve had major problems trying to wake up this work week, been snoozing 45 mins each day, so.. Thank goodness I’m off tomorrow. Ominous foreboding of shit happening on Friday, but my guts have never been right.

Boo ya.


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