Hello everyboddddyyyy!

Thanks for the birthday wishes and presents. And the lovely e-card from Euston, I thought it was very me! =)

Celebrations wise, I was fed non-stop from Saturday til Monday supper. I swore I suddenly grew fat when the clock struck 12 that night.

I actually forgot to take pictures on Monday. So much for going thru half my wardrobe and calling Mr Yeow, major sulking about howihavenothingtowear & lifesuckscoseverythingdoesntflatter before realising I had an previously unworn dress just lying there waiting for me. *grins* Still, I forgot to take pictures. Nonewhatsoever.

Anyhoo, week’s been great so far.. Although I seem to be REALLY occupied today and I hope its just today, really. =P Finding 500 things to do within the period of an hour, and I was just staring at them knowing I have to prioritise but not quite deciding on the most majorly important one.

I, am just blabbling away aren’t I?


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