October Already!

Is it really? Wasn’t it barely a few months ago that we shoved our overweight baggage up the 737s to Switzerland? Has it really been 3 months since we returned with more overweight baggage?

Plus I’m turning 22 soon. You know, I thought I’d be able to take on work. Haha.. But now I don’t deny I AM getting too old for running around! Premature ageing already, die lah.

And ah yes, while I struggled with my inner angel and demon last night (imagine them sitting on either shoulder), nice things HAD to happen. Oh please DO ask me what they were. Darn these people are professionals! Tugging on your heartstrings!



Some airspace to say hi to Mr Loh! Fancy seeing you on the same train, on the same carriage, at the same doors last Saturday after delaying and postponing a good 3 months since I returned! Hao yi si ma. šŸ˜‰


Am sure its pretty obvious that I am barely containing my excitement with this post. OHMYGOSH!


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