To sum up yesterday’s work day, all were up and about in the far east of Singapore even before dawn. Cabbed home mid-afternoon to churn out some frantic e-mails.. And was out the door again in a jiffy, arm flailing for another blue vehicle.

Magazine fix, then Aston’s for dinner with Mr Yeow *rubs tummy* *mmmm* before a little walk around Marine Parade where we chanced on this provision shop which stocked a whole lot of old school goodies from our childhood memories. I have a photo which I had trouble loading up last evening.. Hmm.

Stuff like Roller Coaster, Ligo and Sunmaid raisins (the tiny red packets!), Apollo wafers, Milton mints, Kopiko candy and those prunes.. What brand are they again? And stuff I can only recognise by packaging. $12 for a container of Fizzy Cola which seemed bloody expensive until we learnt that there were 350 pieces of cola candy, which works out to 3 cents a piece.. Not so bad after all! Hahaha..


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