Hopefully, A Lovely September.

Two days in, & the week is going fine. Managed to join Jon & his friends yesterday evening & popped by Kazbar. A pleasant surprise because we met JP, who was bar manager when I was doing my hotel training back in 2006.

I’m quite drained today & don’t feel good physically. After this evening, my right arm feels like a separate entity from my body. I stepped into a pothole yesterday & I probably wrecked my good pumps (@#$% pothole!) and thus, my left foot is now not responding well. Weak laugh

Mentally, I’m rather psyched up (fortunately, sorry to disappoint) & my to-do list, though endless, is keeping my spirits up. Which is great. And of course time is a luxury, and until someone develops teleportation.. Commuting remains a bitch. I really don’t mind the travelling, but the amount of time it zaps up is ginormous. I can do a lot of things in that time lor. Beam me to the office!


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