*pats belly*

I think I’ve been stuffing myself silly this week. Tsk. On top of knocking out for 3 hours mid-afternoon, twice. I am therefore about to list down the various foods I have, and might still have in my digestive tracts.

Tuesday. Was brought to Aston’s (finally), and was chomping on pseudo-bulgogi barely 4 hours later. Then devoured an entire Gelare waffle by myself. *gasp*

Wednesday. Tucked into a typical Bugis steamboat dinner, which was followed by warm chocolate cake at Starbucks. Oh the sins I indulge in.

Friday. Strangely (coughs), I woke up with a growling tummy this morning – which was promptly settled by a dim sum with Gordon and Damian. Har gao 2! Siew mai 2! Char siew pao can lah, also 2! Ambitiously order-happy, but I think we did fine. Ha ha ha..!

I suppose I’m not done for this week. Uncle Francis throwing a homecoming Sunday brunch for me, and then I’ll be attending a wedding dinner later that night. Oh, and I had a Happy Meal for dinner 4 hours ago. But cheese prata, anyone?


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