Back in Singapore!

So I’m back in sunny, humid Singapore for a good 5 days already.. And I’m already bored stiff. *yawns*

While I don’t think I’ll lose some European habits ie. clearing away own food trays.. I might have pretty much slipped back to not greeting bus drivers, supermarket cashiers, store assistants.. That aside, I’m still quite surprised that Bring Your Own Bag day has only been introduced to every Wednesday. WHAT PROGRESS! Supermarkets are still painfully offering incentives (10cts discount) for people to bring their own bags. Sigh.

I’ve just found out that I can’t use anymore, and GoogleMaps does not offer insights to Singapore’s public transport! Pwah.. WHY? 路痴s like me need directions even if we’re a street corner from our destination. Legality issues? At the end of the day, irregardless of service provider, the service is STILL meant to be FREE to us consumers.. Gah, I think I will just hop on a cab, even if there are 2 million cars on the road, and I kena 3 ERP gantries, peak-hour surcharges and then still kena chopped by the uncle because he took the long route.


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