Timely Arrivals.

Luzern says a big Willkommen! =)

Met Jill at the Bahnhof yesterday evening. Very terrible cos it was then that I found out tram tickets have to be purchase OFF the tram. Embarrassing leh, 6 months here already. 

Off to Zurich after lunch for shopping miscellaneous hotel admin. And then to the Kloten-Flughafen later tonight to meet my uncle and aunt and then pick up the parental units a.k.a Mom & Pops. Su’s family are also arriving on the same flight. Think Kelvin as well. Very coincidental! 😀

Yes, yes.. I’m showing off with this fancy speak of German names (which is sadly, all I know). Next post when I have time off from trying to be a tourist guide for my family, haha.. Ciao!


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