They’ve hatched!


Update: The nest is no longer. Duckie & her brood disappeared overnight. Though Mich sighted a brood with ten ducklings at the lake this morning.. Big tinge of disappointment but sigh of relief as well, since I was worried about them falling 4 storeys ever since we found the nest.



3 responses to “They’ve hatched!

  • xuefen

    your dad was talking abt your pet duck last saturday at soo chow. the rest (pam, june, my mum) were saying wait till the ducklings are grown up then roast them! roast duckS *yumS* .. haha.

    But well, im not so cruel hor. How come the ducks look different from the ducks ppl rear.? know the difference? and i heard from ur sis that the mother duck can fly!

  • 家利

    Haha.. Erm.. Cos they are ‘ang moh’ ducks and not the kampung ones we’re used to.. Haha.. Yes these ducks can fly around. I found out how they disappeared! 😉

  • xuefen

    you mean they flew away? haa..! the scenery over there is so chio man.

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