Randomness: Part Deux

After an eternity of procrastination, the school’s network slows to a crawl just when I want to refine my dissertation! Just great! Perfect timing to sneak in a post before dinner time. Hur hur.. Might I add how I love the WordPress dashboard looks now.. Gorgeous. Makes me want to blog more, which is getting to overkill soon, I hope not! 😉

I’m getting withdrawal symptoms just looking at the empty bottle of Kirin 午後の紅茶 which I got from London. THAT IS DEPRESSING. That has got to be my favourite drink.. New item to Mum’s packing list for June. Oh yes, I’ve successfully booked my parents, Uncle Richard & Aunt Ade, so I’ll get to see them in 2 months. Not to mention how I will fully utilise my parents’ check-in baggage limit. 😉

My future BIHTM juniors, some of the things you can’t get here are: proper instant mee, 3M hooks & Milo! Although Nestle is Swiss! The ladies, I’ve not bought sanitary napkins from here. I brought some, and you cannot imagine my enthusiasm when I was in Boots in the UK! The ones here look questionable. Nivea is totally available though, just need to bring your pocket dictionary when grocery shopping cos everything’s in German/French.

Right, dinner is served!


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