School’s really started.

8am – 5.30pm classes are no joke.

At our first break time, I already opted for a bottle Coca-cola. It was only 9am! -_- And I only have coke when I’m desperate! I was only mildly rejuvenated during tourism class. Brief respite during lunch, before an interesting group meeting about Coca-cola (again!) that involved only 4 members. I digress, but I need to stress that I didn’t know OPTING OUT was available! Sure, your dissertation comes first! Gah! I really dislike such people! *grumbles* Back to classes.. It was 4, slow, painful hours of pdp in the afternoon. The horrors.

Now tomorrow’s a bit of a weird combination too. Long break + lunch in between lessons. Pfft. And am not looking forward to full day Mondays when language classes start! Better convince me how 4 straight hours of French is suppose to be beneficial, but perhaps I’ll change my mind when the time comes. Hmm..


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