Time really does fly.

And so, the first two weeks of November have flown by.

Grandpa’s funeral. I’d say it was a bittersweet occassion. While there are regrets and sadness, the extended family was brought together. Like how the weekends used to be when we were kids.

And not forgetting the evening the police were called up to dissipate a group of gamblers at the wake. Turned out they were members of a certain ‘society’ that a distant relation was well, related to. Talk about eventful.

Arc en ciel, the evening just after Grandpa’s funeral.

l'arc en ciel

Bestbrook Farm, Brisbane, Australia, 1999.

Bro, Grandpa & Me.


I was awoken by banging and clanging in the kitchen. Guess what? Dad made brekkie!

Love how it actually looks like a loony smiley. Stupid, but it made you smile. =)

Loony smiley.

Breakfast by Dad!


Exams are over! OVER. Let’s just say my revision commenced later than scheduled, but.. Better late than never? Haha.. Am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I did not screw my papers.

In retrospect, boy has the first term has zipped by! Perhaps the sheer volume of assignments have caused amnesia, cause I cannot remember how painful they were. Haha.. Really, I never saw the end of the term.. And now, I’m gonna rot at home.

In need of job lobangs please!


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