My 21st!

Thank you to everyone for your lovely birthday wishes!

(Click to view larger images)

(Part of) My lovely 21 helium balloons!


I’m sorry my that my Rive Gauche strawberry shortcake started to melt.


Thanks Michelle for dropping by! Much love!


Clockwise from left: Nintendo DS Lite in Metallic Rose from my dearest (I admit the colour itself caught my eye 6 months ago); aromatherapy lamp thingy from Surene & Grace; Tag Heuer Aquaracer from Dad; sunflower from Paige & family; cardigan from Michelle (its a lovely fit); cute LED light keychain from Carmen & Diba; ‘sparkly’ jewellery from paternal & maternal aunts, uncles and my grandma; CapitaMall vouchers from OMP & Shan’er; angpows from extended family & Uncle KP & family

Thank you for the lovely presents & an extra big THANKS to my mum & dad and siblings for the long hours yesterday 🙂

P.S. Pictures seem to be slightly grainy. Will post up photos on Flicker asap.

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